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AFV Weapons Profile No. 12: Medium Marks I-III (British Tanks)
AFV Weapons Profile No. 13: Ram and Sexton
AFV Weapons Profile No. 19: Chieftain and Leopard
AFV Weapons Profile No. 1: Churchill, B.I.T. Mk IV
AFV Weapons Profile No. 20: Churchill and Sherman Specials
AFV Weapons Profile No. 21: Armoured Cars
AFV Weapons Profile No. 29: M4 Medium Tank (Sherman)
AFV Weapons Profile No. 2: Panzerkampwagen III
AFV Weapons Profile No. 44: Ferrets and Fox
AFV Weapons Profile No. 47: Russian T34
AFV Weapons Profile No. 49: Japanese Medium Tanks
AFV Weapons Profile No. 52: M47 Patton
AFV Weapons Profile No. 55: German Self-Propelled Weapons
AFV Weapons Profile No. 5: Light Tanks Marks I-VI
AFV Weapons Profile No. 6: Valentine Mark III
AFV Weapons Profile No. 7: Medium Tanks Marks A-D
Armour in Profile No. 21 SU.85 and SU.100 Tank Destroyer
Armour in Profile No. 9 T-34/76
Armour in Profile No 20 Panzerjager Tiger (P) Elefant
Armour in Profile No. 11: Light Tank Mk. VII Tetrarch
Armour in Profile No. 14 M13/40
Armour in Profile No. 15: Infantry Tank Mk. II Matilda
Armour in Profile No. 18: Hanomag Sd.Kfz 251.1 APC
Armour in Profile No. 1: British Tank Mark IV
Armour in Profile No. 2: PanzerKampfwagen VI Tiger 1(H)
Armour in Profile No. 3: M.4 A3 E8 Sherman
Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World, Vol. 4: American AFVs of World War II
Armoured Forces: History of Armoured Forces and Their Vehicles
British Tanks and Fighting Vehicles, 1914-45
British Tanks of World War II
British, North Africa - Focus on Armour Camouflage and Markings, No. 2
Encyclopaedia of Tanks
Fighting Vehicles of the Red Army
German Fighting Vehicles 1939-1945
German Heavy Tanks 1930-1945.
German military transport of World War Two
German Tanks & Armoured Vehicles 1914-1945.
Germany, North Africa - Focus on Armour Camouflage & Markings, No. 1
Guinness Book of Tank Facts and Feats
History and Role of Armor in the U.S. Service
Japanese Armour. A Detailed Review of Japanese Armour Development, Production, O
Man of Armour: A Study of Lt.Gen.Vyvyan Pope and the Development of Armoured War
Military Transport of World War II Including Post War Vehicles. Mechanized Warfa
Panzer: The armoured force of the Third Reich (A Macdonald illustrated war study
Panzerkampfwagen IV: Workhorse of the German Panzertruppe
Panzerkampfwagen V (Panther)
Profile Publications AFV Series Volume 4 Light Tanks M1 - M5
Soviet Combat Tanks, 1939-45
Tank Warfare: A History of Tanks in Battle
Tank:The Story of Their Battles and the Men Who Drove Them from Their First Use
Tanks and Armor in Modern Warfare
Tanks and other AFVs of the Blitzkrieg Era 1939-41
Tanks At War 1939-1945: Purnell's History of the World Wars Special No. 6
Tanks: The Axis Powers: Germany, Italy and Japan (World War II Special)
Tanks;: An illustrated history of fighting vehicles
The Churchill (Armour in Action)
The Confederate Ironclads
The Matilda (Armour in Action)
The Royal Armoured Corps Tank Museum: Tanks 1919-1939, the Inter War Period-
The Royal Armoured Corps Tank Museum: Tanks of Other Nations
The Tank Studies in the Development and Use of a Weapon
Valentine in North Africa, 1942-43 (Armour in Action)