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Aerobatic teams of the world
Aviation Mechanics Simplified: A Practical Self-Instruction Course for the Aircr
Baughman's Aviation Dictionary and Reference Guide
Every Man a Tiger
Flight into History: The Wright Brothers and the Air Age
Getting off the Ground
Invitation to flying: A manual for student and private pilots
Men and Wings
Milwaukee County's General Mitchell International Airport
Modern Airmanship
On the Wings of Time, A Chronology of Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG
Pioneer Pilot: Based on Walter Lees' Journals
Schneider Trophy Race
Spirit and Creator
The Art of William S. Phillips: The Glory of Flight
The Aviation Careers of Igor Sikorsky
The Last Flight of Liberator 41-1133
THE SST Here it Comes, Ready or Not (The Story of the Controversial Supersonic T
The Story of the Tank Aero Engines
Twelve Seconds to the Moon: A Story of the Wright Brothers
Twenty-First-Century Jet: The Making and Marketing of the Boeing 777