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Novels, Modern Firsts
A Flag For Sunrise. 1981. dj.
Abaddon (Dead Air Series, Book 2)
Alcibiades: Fact, Fiction, Farce
All Is Vanity: A Novel
An American prophet
Blossom (Burke)
Code of Conduct
Corky's Brother
Dead Air: A Novel
Death of the Fox
Eagle in a Butterfly Net
Florentine Gold
Harvest Of Murder: A Gardening Mystery (Gardening Mysteries)
Kilimanjaro Burning
Laughing Whitefish (First Edition)
Miracle on the 17th Green: A Novel
Oh's profit
On Hunter's Point
The Heart Of Rome, A Tale Of The "Lost Water" - 1st US Edition
The Heist: A Novel (Fox and O'Hare)
The King's Indian, A Novel
The Legend of the Barefoot Mailman: A Novel
The Mad Man's Tale
The Tempering
The trouble with lawyers
The Wrong Man: A Novel
Time and Chance
Twins of Florence (Gemelli di Firenze)
Wild Things: The Joy of Reading Children's Literature as an Adult