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Aircraft Carriers: The Majestic Weapon
Battle-cruisers: Design and Development of British and German Battle-cruisers of
Fighting Ships of World War II
King George the Fifth Class Battleships (Ensign)
Man o War 4 Hunt Class Escort Destroyers
Man O' War 2: 'V' and 'W' Class Destroyers
Man O' War 3 - Battleships Rodney and Nelson
Man o' War: County Class Cruisers v. 1
Midget Submarine (Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century, Weapo
Rubis Free French Submarine. Warship Profile Series No. 26.
The Decorative Arts of the Mariner
U.S.S. Intrepid Album.
War Built Destroyers: O-Z Classes (Ensign, No. 6)
Warship 17
Warship Profile 1: HMS Dreadnought, Battleship 1906-1920
Warship Profile 22: IJN Yukikaze, Japanese Navy Destroyer 1939-1970
Warship Profile 27: SM Torpedo Boat B110
Warship Profile 35: HMS Eagle, Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier
Warship Profile 8: Kriegsmarine U-107 (German Submarine)
Warship Profiles 23 and 24: HMS Furious, Aircraft Carrier 1917-1948, 2 Parts (2
Warship: No. 1
Warship: No. 10
Warship: No. 13
Warship: No. 14
Warship: No. 15
Warship: No. 16
Warship: No. 2
Warship: No. 3
Warship: No. 4
Warship: No. 5
Warship: No. 6
Warship: No. 7
Warship: No. 9
Warships of the Second World War (History of the World Wars Special)