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Aircraft Carriers: The Majestic Weapon
Battle-cruisers: Design and Development of British and German Battle-cruisers of
Fighting Ships of World War II
HMS Warrior 1860: Victoria's Ironclad Deterrent
King George the Fifth Class Battleships (Ensign)
Man o War 4 Hunt Class Escort Destroyers
Man O' War 2: 'V' and 'W' Class Destroyers
Man O' War 3 - Battleships Rodney and Nelson
Man o' War: County Class Cruisers v. 1
Midget Submarine (Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century, Weapo
Navies of the Second World War British Submarines
Rubis Free French Submarine. Warship Profile Series No. 26.
Super Destroyers: Big Destroyers Built in the 1930's for Britain, France, German
The Decorative Arts of the Mariner
U.S.S. Intrepid Album.
War Built Destroyers: O-Z Classes (Ensign, No. 6)
Warship 17
Warship Profile 12: IJN Kongo, Japanese Battleship 1912-1944
Warship Profile 1: HMS Dreadnought, Battleship 1906-1920
Warship Profile 22: IJN Yukikaze, Japanese Navy Destroyer 1939-1970
Warship Profile 27: SM Torpedo Boat B110
Warship Profile 35: HMS Eagle, Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier
Warship Profile 8: Kriegsmarine U-107 (German Submarine)
Warship: No. 1
Warship: No. 10
Warship: No. 13
Warship: No. 14
Warship: No. 15
Warship: No. 16
Warship: No. 2
Warship: No. 3
Warship: No. 4
Warship: No. 5
Warship: No. 6
Warship: No. 7
Warship: No. 9
Warships of the Second World War (History of the World Wars Special)