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Absence of Malace (Movie Poster)
Agency (Movie Poster)
Altered States (Movie Poster)
Annie (Movie Poster)
Bronco Billy (Movie Poster)
Coal Miner's Daughter (Movie Poster)
Cruising (Movie Poster)
Cuba (Movie Poster)
Death on the Nile (Movie Poster)
Excalibur (Movie Poster)
Goldengirl (Movie Poster)
Grease (Movie Poster)
Heavy Metal (Movie Poster)
Holocast (Movie Poster)
Hopscotch (Movie Poster)
I was there for ROBIN YOUNT'S 3,000th Major League Hit September 9, 1992 Milwauk
Michael Cimino's Heaven's Gate
National Lampoon's Animal House (Movie Poster)
Neighbors (Movie Poster)
Oliver's Story (Movie Poster)
Paradise (Movie Poster)
Psycho II
Scarface (Movie Poster)
Stroker Ace (Movie Poster)
Summer Lovers (Movie Poster)
Tattoo (Movie Poster)
The Changeling (Movie Poster)
The Empire Strikes Back (Movie Poster)
The Final Countdown
The Great Providence Line for Boston and all Points East - Advertising poster
The Legend of the Lone Ranger (Movie Poster)
Xanadu (Movie Poster)