While we are delighted to make sales through our various on-line outlets, like Amazon and ABE books,  we feel that it is generally best for us to deal with you directly and not through third parties.   Our hope is that by giving you the best offerings at the best prices, and, as always “Treat You like Royalty” we can build a long term direct relationship.

We specialize in scholarly books, in books that are rare and/or highly collectible, like first printings, and in books that are of value not only for their content but for their beauty as well.  We also have a broad offering of antique and vintage maps.  And, for the budget conscious, we are planning to maintain a line of lower cost, but quality, used books (mostly non-fiction).

For those who or live in, or visit, metro-Milwaukee, we maintain a climate controlled warehouse, near 55th and North Ave, where you can  order the book on line and pick up the books you ordered at our facility.  This will not only save you on postage and also allow you to inspect them before completing the sale.  

If you are in our area and have quality books to sell or consign, just drop us an email and we can arrange a time for a house visit, see what you have and explain the options at no cost to you.

Imperial Books and Collectibles, LLC  is a Wisconsin based partnership of  life-long book lovers and collectors.  We  have joined forces to market our personal collections of books, maps and ephemera, and those of our clients.

Imperial Books makes available to its customers  thousands of  high quality antique, collectible and scholarly books and other paper items such as maps, prints and ephemera.  We are adding hundreds of new items each month being very careful to screen each item and describe each accurately to assure high quality offering at highly competitive prices.

Imperial Books has been in business since 2010 and has sold several thousands  books to several thousand  satisfied customers. Complaints are rare and when they occur are handled promptly and respectfully.  

Our Mission:  The mission of Imperial Books is to  treat our clients and customers like royalty, giving great value and personal attention to each with the objective of always meeting or  exceeding  your and their  high expectations.

Customer Ratings:  We've maintained a 98 to 100% positive feedback rating on Amazon.com and Abebooks.com as well as the smaller sites we've sold on, throughout our long history of selling through those venues

Imperial Books does not censure its offerings in the belief that our customers should decide what they deem appropriate and worthy.  However, offering  an item for sale does not mean that we condone its contents or what it advocates.

Environmental Stewardship:
Buying used media keeps items out of landfills and keeps publishers from over-printing by limiting the demand for new copies. While we understand you may want a new copy for a gift or special collection, many used books look nearly new, and are great choices for personal use. We encourage customers to recycle the cardboard boxes we use to ship orders in.

Buying a used book also makes sense economically.  A new book once purchased is “used” and its value diminishes proportionately.  A used book, if taken care of properly, should hold its value.